Ninilchik Halibut Charters

Ninilchik Halibut Charters

Ninilchik Alaska, on the shores of central Cook Inlet, provides a bountiful marine ecosystem thick with bait fish that draw in giant game fish. Spectacular Alaska Halibut catches are a regular occurrence in Ninilchik and anglers from all over the World travel here to try their hand at Alaska halibut fishing. The average Halibut charter runs 6 to 8 hours, add 2 hours for a combination fishing charter. These times are dependent on the magnitude of the tide and weather. Our departure times for halibut fishing are scheduled around the tide cycles and differ each day according to when the tide crests at either the peak of the high cycle or bottom of the low cycle. It is during these periods of the tide cycle that halibut go on the hunt for a possible meal. Timing is key to halibut fishing so please come prepared and on time, as the tide waits for no one! Reel'em Inn provides all the fishing equipment, bait, safety gear, and the FUN! We also have raingear and boots available if you do not have your own.

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The Pacific Halibut is the most prized sport fish in Ninilchik and have the ability to produce awesome, high-speed runs. Alaska caught halibut are the heavyweight of all the bottom-fish species. Ninilchik Halibut have been known to exceed 500 pounds and are considered the fiercest fighting bottom-fish in the world. Our Ninilchik Halibut Fishing Charters will deliver heart pounding excitement on your next Alaska fishing trip!

Exciting as Alaska Halibut Fishing is, the best reward is on the dinner table. After returning from a day spent at sea, your crew will fillet your catch which yields about 50% of the fishes overall weight. Most of our customers opt to have the fillets portioned and professionally vacuum sealed, an important measure is properly preserving your catch. Reel'em Inn offers this service in-house for a reasonable fee in addition to blast freezing, boxing for the airlines and overnight shipping.

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