Ninilchik Salmon Fishing Charters

Ninilchik Salmon Fishing Charters

Saltwater king salmon charters are available during the month of May. They can be booked as king salmon charters during the earlier part of the month, or they can also be booked as part of a halibut charter called “combo salmon/halibut” charters the entire month. To check availability, schedules and prices, please click on the “book now” link below. Select the type of charter you are searching, enter the number of fishermen in your group and the available dates will appear in bold print. Click the date that matches your schedule to display charter times and prices.

Long considered the ultimate prize for Alaskan anglers, the Alaska King salmon (Chinook) swims the waters off Ninilchik during the month of May, either feeding on runs of herring or migrating towards a nearby river to spawn. King salmon fishing charters are always a favorite for anglers visiting the area early in the season and many Alaska residents travel to Ninilchik to try their luck also. Saltwater trolling for king salmon is done in conjunction with halibut fishing, or a “combo” charter. Combo salmon/halibut trips can take as long as 10 hours before returning to shore, pack a good lunch! Reel’em Inn Charters also schedules boats for fishermen primarily interested in the king salmon run but not the halibut fishing. These trips are usually scheduled only during the historical peak of the salmon runs.

After the month of May, Reel’em Inn Charters concentrates on the halibut fishery in the saltwater. By June, the king salmon are now entering their migratory rivers and a fisherman’s best chance of hooking a king is with our partner charter companies on the Kasilof and Kenai Rivers, a very popular fishery and another way to enjoy the adventures of Alaska Fishing. River trips can’t be booked with our online reservation system, but please call our office for assistance and availability, we’d be happy to set everything up for you! Many of our long time clients enjoy the mixture of salt water fishing, river fishing with our partners, bank fishing and razor clamming. Combined with our clean and comfortable lodging options, Reel’em Inn is the perfect Alaska vacation destination!

Two small streams, Deep Creek and the Ninilchik River, both very close to our facilities, provide excellent salmon and trout fishing from the banks. King salmon are available on weekends only. Opening day is Memorial weekend and the fishery continues for the next 3 weekends. In August, the silver salmon enter these waterways and provide excellent bank fishing throughout the month. Reel’em Inn has an assortment of salmon fishing rental gear for these unguided adventures as well as professional fish processing and freezing facilities.

Give Reel’Em Inn A Call At 1-800-447-7335 To Book Your Next Ninilchik Salmon Fishing Trip!

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